CCTV Cameras

Closed-circuit television (more commonly known as CCTV) is a  form of video surveillance used by businesses and members of the public alike to protect their property. This differs from ‘normal’ television as the signal that CCTV cameras produce are not openly transmitted (though in some circumstances CCTV can be transmitted across wireless links).  There are currently thought to be 350,000,000 cameras worldwide.

Our clients who decide to have CCTV installed in their premises recognise the importance and benefits that CCTV offers your company. Certain legislation also requires various venues to have CCTV covering the premises, so it is worth doing a bit of research to ensure you are obeying any requirements put in place by law.

Crime prevention

Many of our clients decide to install CCTV as a means to prevent crime. It is an effective deterrent against those who look to harm other people and their property. The mear presence of a camera will change someone’s behaviour if they know they are being recorded.


The use of CCTV can be a great tool to secure evidence that may be needed against would-be assailants. This evidence can then be passed over to the police or prosecution in the event of a crime taking place on your property.