Two Way Radio

Since the cellular mobile revolution in the early 2000s,  many companies have placed their faith in mobile phones as a means to communicate between employees. Yet despite the cheaper alternatives that mobile devices offer, many industries have decided to keep their faith in two way radio systems.

The cellular revolution

Yet, two way radio systems remains a popular option for many industries. Radios are far more durable and are capable of taking far more punishment than modern mobile phones. Most are capable of being dropped from great heights. Accidental and unavoidable drops are going to be part of the parcel with telecommunications. Our customers find that it often pays to invest hard and long-lasting equipment such as two way radios to ensure their communication system remains functioning.

Multiple connections

There is currently no practical alternative which provided the ability to instantly communicate with multiple people by selecting between different groups other than radios. Whilst various alternatives such as VOIP telephone systems allow for conferencing between multiple individuals; two way radios remain the only option for those who work outside of an office environment.

Noice cancelation feature

Clarity is important when it comes to our customers’ communication system. In high-pressure intensive jobs; a transmitted message often requires staff to act quickly and promptly. This often leaves for little time, and an unclear broadcast can have detrimental effects on businesses. Radios remove the risks which mobile devices often pose by broadcasting messages across set frequencies. They also often have functions to assist with the broadcast’s clarity; such as noise cancelation which removes any unwanted background noise.